Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hope vs Wish (post continued) :)

Ok, found another computer so I can add a little more to my email. Sorry the first one was so rubbish.

The weather got a little crazy this week. The winds reached a speed of 100 mph! Sister Merrill and I went out street contacting before it got really dangerous and we had a blast. We said we would ''let the Spirit guide us to where we needed to be'' through the blast of heavy winds. The funniest part was when we saw a Chinese boy on a bike and when we tried to go talk to him the wind started pushing against us. As we were walking against the wind, we shouted ''ooooopoooositoooooon!'' No worries though everyone! We were perfectly safe in the strong winds. All the damage happened after we got in, fortunately. The next morning there were branches and trees that had fallen. And Chicago claims to be the windy city, ehh? 

The Senior Couple, the Pews, took our district out for tea on Valentines day. Sister Merrill and I asked the waiter what his favorite soup was. He pointed to one on the menu and it was called faux fin soup (no clue what was in it) and we ordered it. One of the Elders thought we had ordered shark soup and started freaking out haha. Here is a quote you will have to ask about when I get home:
''You eat spam??!'' 

We have a new investigator named Queena. We love her so much! Unfortunately she is barely over YSA age and is married so we might have to pass her on but for now we will teach her and see how it goes. She might need Chinese missionaries anyway because it is hard for her to read English. We met her on the street last week and she thanked us for stopping her because she had just been thinking about her friend who became Christian and how she has made so many changes in her life and she wants to do the same. When we met with her again she told us both that she could tell there was something different about us and that we inspired her. It is amazing to hear how nonmembers can tell us apart from the rest of the world. We are truly ''set apart.'' Queena really wants to change her life for the better like her friend did. She said her first prayer with us, it was so genuine. Excited to see what happens with her. 

pictures (finally!)
1) mission home fireside
2) the beautiful manchester sky
3) Luo Xing's baptism. All of our recent converts + Olly

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