Monday, March 3, 2014

The Week of No P-Day

This week is the grand opening of the new YSA building here in Manchester. 5 sets of missionaries have been asked to help give tours all this week, including Monday. So today we didn't have a P-day but it was for a good cause so I won't complain. At least we still get to email!

Happy belated birthday shout out to my baby brother, Austin! Happy 18th! I hope you got my card in the mail or you will get it soon. Love you!!!

Short update, our investigator Stephanie is still facing a ton of opposition keeping her from coming to church, each week for different reasons. Other than that, she is doing great. Hopefully she can still make her baptismal date. 

On Thursday, we got to go to the Preston Temple! It is such a blessing having a temple in our mission boundaries. The temple is such a place of peace and I wish I could go every week. 

Saturday was our 4 hour consecrated finding as a mission. A few members of the YSA came with us again, and boy, did we see miracles because they did. In my personal study the morning before, I read a lot about faith and I knew that I would need to pray for the faith to find those that had been prepared. I went on splits with one of the sisters in the ward and we met some amazing people. We decided to go off the main road since there would be so many of us on Oxford road, which is the busiest roads in Manchester. We faced a lot rejection but I continued to have a smile on my face because after much opposition always comes the blessings. Heavenly Father truly placed us in the right place and we met Jun and Rene. 

Jun is from South Korea and currently a masters student. I was looking for ways to be creative with my finding so I started talking to people by asking people simple questions that could later relate to the gospel. I asked Jun why we need the sun. He shrugged his shoulders and said he didn't know so I moved on to a different question-- do you like the sun? Now most people would say yes but Jun, however, said that he didn't. Turns out he likes the rain instead (your in the right place, buddy). When I asked him why he like the rain he told me it was because it is clean. I was then able to tie in the gospel and started teaching him about how through the gospel of Jesus Christ  can become clean, I even invited him to be baptized on the spot. He accepted the invitation to be baptized and told us he is very interested in learning more just really busy with school. More to come on him in the future!

Rene is a student here in Manchester and she is from China. Her family is Christian which is of course super rare for Chinese. She as well is busy but interested in learning and coming to the new building.

While Sister Merrill and I were heading to an appointment one day, this Chinese boy that was walking in front of us turned around and was like ''Jordan! Jordan!'' I looked at him thinking ''oh no.. who is this?'' because honestly we meet so many people each day and it is hard for me to remember them all. Luckily for me he told me his name and I remembered him and where I had met him. His name is Ke Jun and I met him on a bus 3 weeks ago. When I had called him awhile ago to invite him to church he gave his friend as a referral who we are now teaching. This time when I saw him again he was with a girl from China who knew no English because she had only been in England for 2 weeks. He told us to invite her to some activities and we quickly got her information. Ke Jun is our referral bank. He also told us he has invited at least 2 other friends and he is going to invite more to come to our church. Miracles. 

Currently in our district, most of our investigators dated for baptism this month in March are black. Looks like black history month carries on into March! haha. 

This week is going to be amazing because the new building is finally open. I know blessings are going to pour from heaven because of it. We have already given many tours today. We actually had a miracle with when a man we gave a tour to found his ancestors in less than 5 minutes. It can be done! He is thinking about coming to the building to do more family history in the future. I am truly blessed to be in the Manchester YSA at such a time as this :)

Love you all! 
Sister Jordan 
Tour Guide Missionaries

New Building

Sister Merrill and I after the Temple Conference

New Building

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