Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Honest Seeker of Truth

Time keeps picking up its pace the further along I get in my mission. What has happened to March? What has happened to this transfer? Both seemed to fly by at the speed of lightning. Now it is the dawn of another transfer and another month.

Great things are happening in our area as we have been more diligent and asked our Heavenly Father in prayer to place the prepared in our path. One day in particular, we faced a TON of rejection but it is when we have days like that that we know there is someone extra special that we need to find. That day of great rejection we found our new investigator, Tian. We stopped to talk to him and he told us he did not have any beliefs but he was interested in learning. Right there on the spot we set up a time to see him. Tian has a lot of great potential. 

This past week we hit a higher number of lessons than we have for awhile. It always feels so good to she the fruits of your labors. The investigator turn over is so quick here and our teaching pool doesn't include many that are progressing yet but Heavenly Father has always blessed us with at least one investigator per month that is ready to be baptized. What a blessing! 

Stephanie was baptized this past week and I've never seen her so happy or heard her comment about how happy she is so much. Directly after her baptism she made the comment that she felt like she will ''never have to worry again.'' Stephanie's grandma who has been a member for over 10 years bore her testimony at the baptism and shared how she has had the faith that her family would one day be baptized. Stephanie is the beginning of that coming true. Her non-member mother came to the baptism. When she first got there, she didn't seem to happy to be there and we have heard Stephanie mention to us before that her mom felt like her coming to our church was taking her away from her. After the baptism though, her mom was so happy! She read the note we wrote to Stephanie in the set of scriptures we gave her and she started crying because she could tell how much we cared for her daughter. She also mentioned that she has interest in taking the missionary lessons now.. Woah. Even better, Stephanie has told us that she caught her mom reading her Book of Mormon one day and her mom found it interesting. We so need to hop on this one fast! Her mom's heart has been softened so much since Stephanie started taking the lessons again and was baptized. She has been prepared to receive the gospel :)

Stephanie was confirmed on Sunday and in her blessing it mentioned that she would be a great missionary and example and that her family and friends will be baptized. Woah. I don't think I can yet comprehend the magnitude of the great impact Stephanie will have on the church. What a prophetic blessing!

Wilbur, our investigator we first started teaching back in January, finally returned from his trip to the states. It has been 6 weeks since we last taught him and in the last lesson we had with him, he had a concern about the priesthood. Since returning, he has overcome his concern about the necessity of the priesthood but now he has a concern about prophets and why we would need them in our day if we have the Holy Ghost.. oh boy. Any answer or explanation we have tried giving him to help him understand hasn't been satisfactory. We have a feeling that he will need to resolve his own concern by reading the Book of Mormon on his own. Wilbur also has super packed Sundays and consequently hasn't accepted the invitation to attend church yet. We are going to commit him this week to get this Sunday off so he can come to church. He has a sincere desire to know the truth and he will find it if he reads the Book of Mormon and comes to church. 

I met a boy on the bus this week and he is another seeker of truth, he just may not realize it yet. I started talking to him and he instantly knew I was a Mormon missionary. No one else would be ''so friendly''. He then told me that he isn't ''a man of God'' and wasn't interested in religion. He is only in high school but he had some profound questions and insights. It was the perfect opportunity for me to teach simple truths and bear testimony. I pray that missionaries will find him when the time is right for him. 

I spoke to our recent convert, Yi Zhen, about the YSA building dedication and he told me he felt the Holy Ghost. I am grateful he is able to recognize and appreciate the feelings of the Holy Ghost.

I love the Manchester YSA and I am grateful for these past two transfers that I have had to serve with Sister Merrill. 

This gospel is true and I am grateful for how it has blessed my life and my family and I know we will continue to see its blessings as we strive to keep living the gospel. Jesus Christ is our Savior. The power of His Atonement is real. Let Christ's Atonement change you and work within your daily life. 

Sister Jordan 

Stephanie's baptism! Sister Merrill and I both wore pink because it is Stephanie's favorite color :) 

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