Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Enjoy it Well!

Its official. President Preston is no longer the EMM President. We got to say our goodbyes at the mission farewell this past Thursday. I have grown to love and appreciate President and Sister Preston so much and I know their impact on my life will extend into the eternities. Among the many things the Prestons have taught me is that our success in life and on a mission depends on our attitude. In the midst of chaos and things not going as we planned, our attitude is the one thing we are in control of. President Preston changes the statement ''endure it well'' into ''ENJOY it well.'' Some times we endure our trails waiting for them to pass but we can enjoy every second of life, even the hard moments. I am striving to always follow their counsel and stay positive and grateful in all circumstances.It was hard saying goodbye but I know our next mission president, President Ulrich, will be what this mission needs. I have already spoken to him and his wife of the phone and they have so much love for us already.

HUGE miracle! (The following investigator names have been changed)
On Sister Chu's first day in Wrexham we meet this Muslim man, Oscar, who seemed like he actually wanted to learn more about the restored gospel and not just argue his religion to us like most Muslims... We got his number and rang him last week to see if there would be a time we could share more. He asked if we could meet him that very afternoon and that he had a friend that wanted to come too. It is always a big risk teaching Muslims because they will either drown you in contention or if they are sincere interested in learning their very lives could be at risk if they are to convert to Christianity. I was hoping Oscar was actually interested. We met with him and his friend that afternoon I was surprised to discover I had meet his friend with Sister Lee 2 or 3 weeks ago! Alex is also Muslim and when I met him earlier on the street he seemed sincere but wasn't willing to give us his number because he would ''contact us''. In our mission we have to ask Muslims that want to meet with us a few questions to see in they are truly interested and not just curious about our beliefs and then get permission from the Mission President to teach them. Both Oscar and Alex said they would make the necessary changes in their life if this was really the right path. President gave us permission to teach them but feels more comfortable with Elders being there when we teach. The Elders whitewashed in and do not have a big teaching pool so we are just going to hand Oscar and Alex over to them to be taught.

Lukman was gone in London for most of last week.  The biggest hurdle for him right now is that he has ''already been baptized''. We have taught and testified about the loss and restoration of the priesthood authority. I some times let impatience thoughts creep into my mind telling me to just drop him since he still hasn't committed to work towards a baptismal date but the charity and love I have for him always wins and I refuse to give up on him. We had another break through in our lesson with him this past week. After asking a few inspired questions, Lukman admitted that he thinks he already knows the answer to his prayers about the truth of what we have been sharing but he is afraid of the answer because he knows he will be disappointing a lot of people if he changes churches and is baptized. I understand where he is coming from and the best thing we can do for him is to get him completely enveloped by the love and support of the ward. Please pray that he can have the courage and support from the Lord.

We saw great miracles this weekend for four hour consecrating finding:
Shuetyee, a recent convert, came out with us. She is in her 60s and copes with arthritis but she is so willing to always come finding with us. I am so grateful for her sacrifice and selflessness. She sat down on a bench to rest for a bit while Sister Chu and I contacted people in the town centre. I looked over and saw her talking to this lady and then hand her a pass along card. Amazing member missionary, right? Turns out  that lady was a co-worker from a previous job she had  who had attended our church when she was younger. There is no such thing as coincidences!

We took the bus to an area we don't really go to and did some tracting. Just about every door we knocked on this one street said we could come back and share more! The greatest miracle on this street was Sophie, a 15 year old girl who's mom is familiar with our church. Sophie told us she wasn't too sure what she believed in. We taught Sophie a little about the Book of Mormon and how she can come to know with a surety what she believes in. We invited her to be baptized and she said yes! We have a return appointment with her this week. We will make sure her mom is ok with her taking the lessons.

I am learning so much from Sister Chu. She is great at reminding me to keep things simple as we teach, something easy to lose once you get further into your mission. She is also teaching me to have enduring patience for our investigators that are not progressing as fast as I want them. She is helping me to understand that even though an investigator is not progressing but still has sincere interest in learning, it is our duty not to stop teaching them but help our investigators develop greater commitment so that they can progress. It won't be easy but with the Lord (and the ward's) help, it is possible.

As the Prestons have taught me, I hope I can encourage you all to do the same. Don't just endure to the end, enjoy to the end. I am sure this will take on different meanings for all of us.

 Remember that this life is meant to be one of joy:
''Adam fell‍ that men might be; and men are, that they might have joy.'' ( 2 Nephi 2:25)

Love you all!
Sister Jordan

                                      Goodbye President and Sister Preston :')

                                            The lovely British landscape

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