Monday, August 18, 2014

I Won! I Won Again!!

You are all probably wondering ''Why in the world does this email have this title?'' Well let me tell you a little story about this man we met named Robert. Robert is extremely atheist because he is pro-science. We tried our best to share the gospel with him in bear our testimony, but he just wasn't havin it. He went on and on and on about how science ''disproves the existence of God.'' It was getting late and we were in a neighbourhood that gets dodgy (dangerous) at night. I started walking away because politely saying we had to go was not enough. As we walked away he pumped his fist in the air and exclaimed ''I WON! I WON AGAIN!!!!'' Our friend Robert here thought he had ''won'' the argument about religion vs. science..He  Needless to say, it was a funny experience that we always quote.

I cannot believe how good this week has been. We have seen so many miracles this week and I didn't think it was possible to be blessed this much. I am excited to continue to move the work forward here in Wrexham. Hopefully I can give you an adequate summary of all the good that is going on in our area.

Sister Klemm and I helped a recent convert with her photography project. We posed as her models. It felt like a dream come true! All of those years of watching America's Next Top Model paid off haha.

4 hour finding
I had one of the best 4 hour findings ever on my mission this weekend. We have been praying all week to be able to find kingdom builders this Saturday. We had two members accompany us in our finding. The Bishop's wife referred us to their neighbour, Lisa, the other week so we went to contact her this weekend. Lisa's husband was baptized in Chester 5 or so years ago and she has told Sister Dickenson how she missed the feeling that the missionaries brought to their home when they were teaching them. We had a wonderful lesson in Lisa's home. She had committed to coming to church but she did not show up yesterday. We will have to follow up on that.
Another miracle we saw came as we helped this elderly blind man named David find his bank. We had just been talking to these two young ladies and we were handing them Restoration pamphlets before walking away to help David. David overheard what we were saying about the pamphlet and then he asked ''Hey! What are you both about?!'' We replied that we were missionaries for the church. He almost stopped in the middle of the street because of this news for he has ''been looking'' for us. He knows a lot about the church already. He asked if we could sit down with him and tell him more about the Book of Mormon. He has been trying to get a Book of Mormon in brail but with no success. We got his address and told him we would try our best to get him one. An unusual miracle but a miracle none the less!
I have prayed in the past to be able to receive a witness that this work is exploding in our mission. Heavenly Father has gone above and beyond to answer that prayer and the people placed in our path each day adds to the witness that it is true-- the work is EXPLODING. We had a potential investigator bring his friend to his lesson. Both of them became new investigators. In total, we found 7 new investigators this past week! We also ran into this man from Nigeria that was baptized 20 years ago. His wife is not a member! Finally a family one step closer to the temple! Sister Klemm and I just have so many wonderful people to work with. The thing we need to do now is to boldly invite them all to be baptized on a specific date.
Sister Klemm and I are putting our transfer vision plan into action. One of those plans was to help part member families with their family history in the hopes that the non member family member would be touched by the spirit of family history. This week we were able to offer the Edwards, a part member family, help with their family history. We will start hopefully next week to help the non member father do his family history. One of the daughter's friends was present during the lesson on family history and is also interested in doing her family history. The Spirit of Elijah is real!
As we were updating our WML in ward coordination on the progress of those we are teaching, he was shocked that Lukman was no longer one of our most progressing. We explained the spiritual wall he had backed himself up to and how he was not progressing anymore. Brother Bullock came up with the idea that we could all fast Saturday night to Sunday evening for Lukman to receive a testimony and the courage to commit . He told us to be bold with him and tell him that we were fasting for him to receive these blessings. Brother Bullock was so inspired because this is really the only other thing that can help Lukman at this moment.
As I prepared for Lukman's lesson, I was guided to study in PMG about the power and authority of my calling. These three lines stood out to me: ''As you prayerfully and worthily exercise that authority, you will receive spiritual power, which is evidence of the reality of your call. Do not be afraid or shy about fulfilling this commission. Just as the sons of Mosiah, you are to teach with the power and authority of God.'' The Spirit hit me and I knew what I had to do. I needed to invite Lukman to repent. Never have I ben so bold in a lesson and invited them to repent. Although PMG told me not to be afraid to do so I was nervous about how he would respond.
Later that evening, a member came with us to met with Lukman and our other investigator, Stanley, joined us. We read in Alma 30 about Korihor the anti-Christ in the hopes to apply the principle of being careful of demanding signs when we have the truth already placed before us. After reading the chapter I bore testimony of the truth of this gospel and that I have been called of God to help Lukman. The invitation for him to repent was not as scary as I thought it would be. He was silent for what felt like a couple of minutes but he eventually admitted he had stopped praying to know the truth of our message. He opened up and told us he still has questions that haven't been answered and the great apostasy and how the priesthood was taken away does not make sense still. I had one of those ''pure intelligence being poured in the mind'' experiences during the lesson and I was able to explain the priesthood using our flat keys. It is amazing what you can learn yourself as you teach by the Spirit!
We went to Lukman's Nigerian church yesterday to support him in his preaching. We got permission from the APs but I guess President doesn't want us to visit other churches even when we are invited.. oops! I am sure Heavenly Father wanted us there though because so much good came out of this experience:
1)Lukman's heart was softened that we had come to support him and he is now willing to come to at least one hour of church each week. A baby step forward but progress none the less!
2)The main preacher of the church has a Koran and had a Book of Mormon too but misplaced the one he had. When we were talking to him after the service he asked if he could have the one I was holding in my hand.
3)We met Lukman's friend, James, who is from Kenya. He has various relations to our church and has always been  curious about what we believe. We walked towards home with him and gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon.
4)Lukman and his friend invited us to a BBQ that is this week and invited us to ''preach'' there. Free food and we get to share a gospel message to everyone in attendance??? Why yes. Yes we will :)
There is just too much good happening in our area for me to write it all. I struggled to fit even a tenth of it in this email!
I am a believer in miracles. As long as we believe, obey, and endure, we will see great things come to pass in our own lives as we share the gospel. The church is true!
Love, Sister Jordan


1)Sister Klemm and I! (for those of you that haven't seen my hair in person yet.. yes! it has been transformed :) )

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