Wednesday, August 28, 2013

If At First You Don't Succeed

Hello everyone!

Sorry for not giving a heads up for sending my letter later this week. Yesterday was what they call a bank holiday and all of the libraries where we go to email are closed on bank holidays. Next week is transfer week and we won't be able to email until Wednesday or Thursday. This letter is going to be super short because I do not have a lot of time to email today.

I attended the Preston temple for the first time yesterday! It is so beautiful. This trip took up most of our P-day. Some ward members were nice enough to give us a lift there and back. Mom and dad, have you been to the temple recently? Things are different now and I think it is a good change. Get to the temple if you haven't! You will thank me later.

Last week, our mission went on a church history tour. We started in Liverpool and ended in Preston by the River Ribble, where the first baptisms in England took place. I loved being able to see where the early saints walked. Big shoes to fill.

Sister Loh is starting to teach me Cantonese because we run into Cantonese speakers all of the time. Lately, there have been more Cantonese than Mandarin. You would think that since they are both Chinese language that they would be similar but let me tell ya, not the case haha. I only know a few words now so don't get too impressed.

I went on my first exchange last week. It was weird being out of my area for a day. Exchanges are good because you get to learn from other missionaries how you can improve as a missionary and apply some of the things they do to what you can do. This coming up week I will be staying in my area on another exchange. Yikes. I do not know the area all that well but thank goodness the Sister who is exchanging here has served in Liverpool before.

The work has been short of slow for my companion and I for a combination of reasons. I have come to the conclusion though that we really need to start reaching out to the ward members to come fellowshipping with us. I know that as a missionary we are to teach but we cannot do it alone. We are meant to work in unity with the ward members. Next month should be better because a lot of the Chinese students return for school.

I fed a homeless man on Sunday. Yep.. He came into our church building and was rummaging through the kitchen eating food. Some ward members came up to me with him and asked if I had food. Well, it was our little snack time so I had some cookies in my hand and so I was like ''do you want one?'' and he took the cookie. Long story short, they ended up escorting him out and was eventually escorted out by the local police because he would not leave the grounds. I don't think he meant any harm though, no worries. Never a dull day in Liverpool!

I also met a man on the bus last week and ended up running into him two other times by coincidence/ because the Lord had planned it. My motto is everything happens for a reason. Well anyways, he is a really nice man. He says he is not religious but I taught him about the plan of salvation on the bus one time and I think he is interested in learning more. I invited him to an activity we have at the church next week which is good because it is centered around families. I will keep you updated on him. I think he has great potential.

Love you all!

P.S.- Enjoy senior year, Austin. Love you :)

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