Monday, January 13, 2014

MAnchester YSA: Building Up For The Work

First things first, I LOVE being here in Manchester. The YSA ward is great. My district is great. My COMPANION is great. We live below the senior couples here and they are more than willing to drive us places if we need it and to feed us as well. Score!

It is hard to remember what happened this week because everything just kind of blurred together. Since we whitewashed in and we weren't left any progressing investigators there is one thing for sure that we did do everyday: FINDING. Lots and lots of street contacting. I am going to be such a pro at street contacting after this transfer. There is a road here in Manchester famous in the mission for street contacting- Oxford road. Sister Merrill and I spend so much time on that street and we have meet so many Chinese so far. The road is about a couple miles long and there are a few universities that stem off of it so there are a lot of people that walk up and down it everyday. I've never talked to so many different Chinese people in one day! Exams our this week so just about every single student we stopped was in a hurry so we are hoping that when exams are over that they will have more time to stop and talk with us. I re-visited my call letter not to long ago and one of the inspired lines in it is the promise that if I serve with all my heart, might, mind, and strength, the Lord will lead us to those that have been prepared to be baptized. I have faith that that promise will come true for Sister Merrill and I. We are both willing to work really hard and sacrifice much in building the work here.  We know we will face a lot of rejection in the process (already have) but those that will listen are sure to be the ones that are willing to follow the example of our Savior and be baptized. We are here to build up the work with the Chinese YSA.

There is a new chapel that is set to open next month and it is located off Oxford road. We are preparing the ward and the area for it to open. We have invited everyone we talk to to come to the church when it opens. Our goal is to fill the building when it opens. There is bound to be an explosion of the work as this building opens. The YSA ward is so great. The bishopric is  encouraging the YSA to help the missionaries in every phase of the work. This Saturday is consecrated finding and we already have plans for the members to come finding with us. Exciting!

We have already seen many miracles while street contacting. There is this one girl that we met and her name in Chinese translates to Miracle in English. She was already contacted by one of the Sisters that was in our area before us and she was put in the path of missionaries again. She wants to become a Christian. Gold. Like her name says, she is a miracle!

Ok. Time for the funny moments of the week:
So we all know how cute Sister Merrill is. (So cute that sometimes she attracts the wrong type of attention). We had taken a bus to go a bit further down from Oxford road to street contact and not to long after we got off the bus and started walking,  this van passed by and honked their horn at us. Our eyes quickly darted to the van to see these creepy men giving us kissy faces. Oh boy. We had a good laugh about that.

Sister Merrill and I had been speaking Chinese to each other on the bus and I looked to the back of the bus to see a shocked Chinese boy. The look on his face was priceless! I waved at him and he then asked from where he was sitting ''you both speak Chinese?!'' We talked to him and handed him a pass along card when we got of the bus and we invited him to church. Oh the miracles that happen when you SYL (speak your language).

I love you all and I hope you are all ready to hear of the great miracles that will happen while I serve in Manchester. I can feel a wave of them coming :)

Sister Jordan

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