Monday, May 19, 2014

Immersing Ourselves in the Gospel

This week seemed to shoot by soo fast! Sister Lee and I have had our days filled with lessons and meaningful street contacting and finding time. Time always goes fast when you are busy. I think I have fully settled into Wrexham and a new way of doing things. I am still getting used to children though.. haha. It is an adjustment going back to a family ward after being in a YSA ward for 5 months but I love it!
We have a lot of really great investigators with so much potential. Lukman is one of them.  Lukman is from Nigeria and has great faith in Jesus Christ and has a sincere desire to follow him. He has met with the Sisters for over 2 months now and we invited him to be baptized on the 14th of June. He was hesitant to accept the date. We have been following up with his reading of the Book of Mormon and his prayers. He asked us the last time we meet with him why we keep on focusing so much on the Book of Mormon instead of Christ. I answered with a smile on my face that we already know he has faith in Jesus Christ. Now it is down to knowing that His church has truly been restored to the earth. The Book of Mormon is that evidence and he will know it for himself if he prays about it.  The more we talk to him about the Book of Mormon the more his desire to read it and know it is true seems to deepen. We had a really great lesson with him last week about obedience. We helped him to understand that every commandment has an associated blessing. We promised him that if he is obedient, he will see those promised blessings come true. He came to Stake Conference yesterday and really enjoyed it.
We saw miracles using cards. We met this elderly man named John one day and we asked him if he has ever done his family history. He said he hadn't but that he had a son that was interested in genealogy and traced their family line back some 200 years. We invited him to learn about the gospel to know why it is that we do family history and he accepted the invitation.

Saturday had perfect weather and it was a beautiful day to do our 4 hour consecrated finding. Sadly, the 2 members that we had talked to before hand about coming finding with us fell through. Not only did our members fall through but our plans that we had seemed to get a little messy as well. We were hoping to go work on an AUF that is on a farm practically in the middle of no where and have the member drive us there. Without a car we knew it would take ages to complete it. But onward we went. We took the bus as close to the farm as we could get and then we walked, and walked, and walked a bit more. Some 50 or so minutes later we finally made it to the AUF. (Sidenote: It mostly took us so long to get there because we stopped to talk to people along the way). No one was at the AUF address but we definitely saw so many miracles while we were in the area:
The neighbours were all very friendly. There was this one lady from India that we meet and she didn't believe there could be a God because of all of the suffering in the world. We offered her a Plan of Salvation pamphlet and she accepted it. A quarter of mile down the dirt path were more homes. Outside of the next home we went to were these cute little boys. We asked to speak to their parents and the elder of the two ran in and brought out their father. At first he was a bit intimidating because he was super muscular and he didn't look too happy that we were standing outside of his gate.  Once we stared talking to him we discovered he was actually really nice. He told us his brother had passed away when he was young and we were able to share briefly about the Plan of Salvation. He said he was interested in our message, just busy working late into the night everyday. It was a miracle we even talked to him because Saturday was his one day off. When we asked if he knew anyone that would be interested in our message, he referred us to his neighbour.
We went to the neighbour’s house and met this sweet elderly lady. She invited us in to sit down and offered us water which was nice because it was a very warm day. We had a lovely conversation with her and she has great faith in God. We talked about the Book of Mormon and how it was about a family that came from Jerusalem and she said she couldn't believe in it. We left her too with a Plan of Salvation pamphlet and invited her to pray about it.
And then on the long journey back to the main road we ran into this group of boys we had talked to as we passed earlier. They were still in the same location we meet them at an hour and a half before but this time they were with a friend that had joined them. We went to talk to them again. That friend asked a ton of questions and we talked  about things from the Plan of Salvation to the Word of Wisdom. We needed to head back so I asked them if they would be willing to meet with us so we could share more. All 3 of them became new investigators!
Family history and the Plan of Happiness our Heavenly Father has for our families was a huge theme for our finding on Saturday.

Yesterday at Stake Conference, one of the speakers made a really good analogy to the gospel that I want to share with all of you. He realated an experience of how in a chilly summer not too long ago, him and his family went to the beach. A family member and him had jumped into the water and quickly got accumilatized to the temperature of the water and enjoyed the day in the water. Another family member, however, tip toed into the water but it was too uncomfortable to be partially in the water and partially out. He decided to dry himself off and stay out of the water that day. The speaker related this experience to how we need to immerse ourselves completely in the Gospel to enjoy all of its blessings. It is way too hard to live both of the world and in the gosepl. My invitation to all of you it to immerse yourselves completely in the gospel. ''Yea, come unto him, and offer your whole souls as an offering unto him, and continue in fasting and praying, and endure to the end; and as the Lord liveth ye will be saved.'' (Omni 1:26)

This gospel is true :)
Sister Jordan

Picture time!
           Sister Lee and I! (My hair is crazy big in this picture, I know)

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