Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Finding Joy in the Plan

Transfer update:
So the time has finally come for me to train a new missionary. I will be training in Wrexham and Sister Lee is leaving for the Ashton Zone. This has been one of my favorite transfers. Sister Lee is such a hard worker and has such a powerful testimony that has changed the life of everyone privileged to hear it. It is hard for her to leave this area she loves but I have been helping her understand that she has fulfilled her purpose here and it is time for her to go and do the same in another area. I don't know what to expect next transfer but I know the Lord will help me in this important assignment. I think of how my trainer Sister Loh has impacted me in so many ways. Some ways I probably haven't even noticed yet. I hope to have just as big of an impact on my trainee.
British term of the Week: Chav (noun). Definition- a teenager that is a delinquent to society, typically referencing to those of the male gender. Mode of behavior- smokes, drinks, loves to pull pranks. Most active late at night. Synonym: punk.
This week Sister Lee and I park contacted a big group of chaves. It was quite the bold move. We went up to them, held up a Book of Mormon and asked ''have any of your ever heard of this book?'' (disclaimer: I have heard of a missionary doing this before). To our surprise, a nice hand full of them had heard of the Book of Mormon. Sister Lee and I both ended up teaching lessons to different people in the group. The chav I was talking to had a lot of doubts about the existence of God and has lost faith in the principle of prayer because he feels like his past prayers have gone unawswered. I had him read the prayer page in a pamphlet. He had many questions but wasn't really willing to accept the truth of my answers and turned down my invitation to him to meet with us and learn more. During our conversation, I noticed his girlfriend that sat to his left was listening very intently. When her boyfriend was distracted I asked her if she would be interested in learning more. She said she was! I got her address and phone number. I prayed with them and I asked afterwards how they felt. To my surprise, the chav said he felt some of the feelings of the Spirit that are listed in the pamphlet.
An update on our most progressing investigator, Lukman. Sister Lee and I have been working really hard to prepare him to be baptized on the 28th of June. I have full faith he can still make it to that date but I think it is best that we push it back to July. He has a few concerns that we are helping him resolve by inviting him to pray about the truthfulness of what we had taught. We had a really powerful lesson with Brother Pattenden the other day and it was just what Lukman needed. I left this lesson with a renewed witness that this church is true. I felt so full of the Spirit the rest of the night. By the end of the lesson, the weight of his concerns seemed to lift. Sister Lee and I are fasting that Lukman can overcome his doubts with greater faith. This morning during personal study I received a lot of revelation on how to help him to continue to progress. I have a lot of hope he will be dated again by the end of this week.
This week I have seen a lot of miracles that have come from applying different ideas on how to find new investigators in our missionary planners and PMG; We have found a new investigator by offering an unplanned act of service. We helped an elderly lady carry her heavy groceries to her home. She is Christian and wants to get to know other believers in Christ in the community; We were doing our best to smile to everyone on the street one day. A lady we smiled and waved at stopped to talk to us and complimented us on how cheerful we were. She gave us her address and we have since called by and set up an appointment! Lastly, we tried an even more uncommon finding strategy and offered to teach a family how to hold an FHE. It was pretty successful.
Lately I have realized how much joy comes from when we are following God's plan for us and when we put our trust in Him and become who He knows we can become. For instance, I have always questioned why I have always been a leader and if I am even up for this challenge at times.  As I have come to see myself through my Heavenly Father's eyes, however, I understand that this quality is apart of my divine and eternal nature. I have discovered time and time again that He knows me better than I know myself. I know from experience that what God sees in me is true. He will always give us the strength we need when He calls us to fulfill His purposes. His plan is perfect. This gospel is true.
Sister Jordan :)

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