Tuesday, November 12, 2013


This week I went on exchange with our Sister Training Leader in South Ribble. Our last stop of the day was to call by a former investigator couple. They let us in and offered us hot chocolate. Sometimes I am surprised by how friendly perfect strangers can be. They had a lovely home and I felt that I was at home. Anyways, we ended up talking about the Plan of Salvation and how the knowledge that we are sons and daughters of God effects the way we view the world and ourselves. I felt the prompting that we needed to invite them to do something. I thought about inviting them to be baptized but in the end I invited them to read the Book of Mormon instead. They didn't really accept my invitation but I know that the seed has been planted. I can't see the end result of our visit now but I do know that it is so important to invite people to come unto Christ through leaving commitments. After all, this is part of our purpose as missionaries.

One day I sat next to this girl, Louise, on the bus. When we started talking about religion, she told me that he dad was religious but it was hard for her to know what is true because she has never had an experience to help her know. i told her that we all have the opportunity to have spiritual experiences for ourselves. I gave her a Book of Mormon and promised her that she would come closer to God and would have that experience she is seeking for.  She was very grateful for the Book of Mormon and the promise I shared with her and gave me a hug before she got off at her stop.

Another miracle I had while bus contacting this week was when I talked to this young man named David. When I sat next to him he was listening to music and I was thinking ''oh boy.. when am I going to be able to talk to him?'' I said a little prayer in my heart that I would be able to have a conversation with him. Not too long after that, he took his head phones out-- YES! I was able to talk to him and found out that he comes from a religious Christian family. During the bus ride I was able to share the message of the restoration and even got to share with him Joseph Smith's first vision. David was impressed by Joseph Smith's story. I related it to him and how he can go to God and know truth too. I gave him a Book of Mormon and then had to hop off before I could get his info or give him ours. He has great potential though and I am sure the Lord will take care of him.

Ok.. now for the news I am sure you are all waiting for, Kirk's baptism! I mentioned in my last email that I knew that the road to his baptism would not be easy and I was right. He was hit pretty hard with opposition but we were able to help him through it. The actual day of the baptism was interesting because we realized we didn't have keys to the church but we needed to start up the boiler so that the water would be warm and then fill up the font. Every thing did work out, thank goodness. We had a really great turn out to his baptism. There are a lot of members who have come to know and love Kirk and they came to support him. President and Sister Preston also came. Surprise!  Wasn't expecting them to come at all. It was great having them there though. President has talked to Kirk before and knew him well enough to come to his baptism I guess. Kirk was dunked a few times but was finally able to be full immersed after a couple of tries haha. Kirk bore his testimony at his baptism and did wonderful. His little son, Owen, wanted to give a speech but was in the gym when it was time for him to talk. We ended with prayer and saw that he was upset that he wasn't able to say anything. A member of the bishopric told him that he could maybe speak on Sunday and he did. It was so cute! He told the congregation how proud he was of his dad for being baptized and also said that his dad has always been his example, in good times and bad times, and that he wants to be just like him. Yes, those were the words out of the mouth of a seven and a half year old. He wants to be baptized when he is 8. Don't know where I will be in April when that happens but I am definitely coming back for his baptism.

We actually missed our bus by a minute this past Sunday.. Oops! We decided to walk to church since the next bus didn't come until 10 minutes before church would start. Of course we would miss our bus the week Kirk was being confirmed. So we walked, then we jogged, then we ran, and we finally made it to the church. Fortunately we were only 5 to 7 minutes late and arrived during the opening hymn.

We invited C Minor to be baptized next month but he does not think he is ready. We told him how prepared he was and that if he prayed about the specific date that we gave him, it would be easier for him to feel like he has received and answer. Sometimes in our prayers we need to ask the right questions and be more specific and then the Lord will more readily give us an answer. Needless to say, he is still on the fence but the last time we meet with him we invited him to pray to be more sensitive to the Spirit. Until then, Sister Loh will definitely be learning patience.

Just like I invite investigators, I invite you too to come unto Christ. He is the way through this life and he is the way back to our Father in Heaven. Keep praying. Keep reading the scriptures. Keep being great. Love you all!

Sister Jordan

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